Upcoming Apple Event 9.9.2014
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  • September 8, 2014

With the Apple Event happening tomorrow, I just wanted to basically talk about the event it self, the rumored releases and anything else!

iPhone 6


iOS 8

Of course these are all rumors, but I’m going to talk about them anyway.


iPhone 6 – Two Models?!

With the iPhone 5, Apple increased the screen size of the device from 3.5 inches to 4 inches, and with the iPhone 6, the phone’s display may going to grow even larger. Though Apple experimented with a range of screen sizes, the company is thought to have settled on 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches for its two devices, which will bring the next iPhone in line with competing Android and Windows phones that have adopted larger displays.


The new iPhone’s could also feature a curved shell design, similar to the iPad Air and new iPod touch models.

Rumors have suggested at least some models of the iPhone 6 might feature a durable sapphire display and both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 are expected to see camera improvements.

NFC has also been thrown into the mix of rumors, although its not very likely to appear in Apple devices, yet!

Due to me buying the iPhone 5s last year, I will be skipping out on this generation (although it is SO tempting!). But I am still looking forward to see what Apple come up with to better the previous generation.



There have been plenty of rumors over the past couple of years that Apple will be taking on wearable tech. This year the rumors have been stronger than ever!

Unlike the iPhone 6, next to no ‘leaked’ photos of the iWatch have surfaced online, leaving designers’ imaginations to run wild in creating weird and wonderful concept images based on the patents Apple has filed around a smartband or smartwatch, details of which are vague.


In June this year numerous sources close to the matter said the device will sport a 2.5-inch arched rectangular display supplied by LG, contain more than 10 sensors for purposes including monitoring the user’s pulse, and will need to be paired with an iPhone in order to send messages and voice chat with others.

The iWatch is also tipped to also have NFC technology built in, so you will be able to pay in shops using your watch, which will be linked to a debit/credit card. These features may not be available immediately.


Jony Ive reportedly boasted about the design work on the iWatch, saying that Switzerland is in trouble!

I am very interested in the idea of the iWatch. I will have to see designs and specs before I decide whether to purchase one or not.


iOS 8

Apple unveiled the basics of iOS 8 at their World Wide Developers Conference earlier in the year, but it’s only been available to programmers so far. Apple are calling it “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools they need to create amazing new apps.”

iOS 8 will probably not be released tomorrow, but a release date will most likely be set.

There’s a new Quicktype feature coming to the standard keyboard, which takes predictive typing to a whole new realm. Not only does it predict words as you type – but can recognise context and suggest whole phrases you might want to use.

iOS 8 will also allow users to install their own custom keyboards for the first time. The first keyboard I will be installing is ‘Swift’.

Apple has made its iCloud storage service a little more like Dropbox with its latest update. Rather than each app’s storage only being available to that app, you’ll be able to get hold of stored files from anywhere using iCloud Drive.

iOS 8 works better across all devices now. So if someone rings you on your phone, you are able to pick that call up on your Mac. Something which I am looking forward to is being able to send standard text messages, rather than just iMessages, through the Messages app on Mac.

There are a load more features that I have missed out in this blog post, so go ahead and have a Google to see a full list of new features.

I am looking forward to the new iOS and will be downloading on the day of release (I don’t understand those people who are still running iOS 6, because they don’t like flat design, but that’s an entirely different rant/blog post).


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I will hopefully have some interesting post topics coming soon!

– Jamie

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